Cry anti-semitism and win, Media watch,
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PARIS — In a fifth and final round of voting, a Bulgarian diplomat narrowly defeated Egypt’s culture minister for the leadership post at Unesco on Tuesday night, ending a bitterly fought contest during which critics …

Robert Fisk’s World: Everyone seems to be agreeing with Bin Laden these days
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Obama and Osama are at last participating in the same narrative. For the US president’s critics – indeed, for many critics of the West’s military occupation of Afghanistan – are beginning to speak in the …

Michelangelo Merisi da Carvaggio
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baithak has an aura.sheesha, fireplace, bulging bookshelves, rugs, divan takias and more…
More: continued here

Boycott, Kasparov and Karpov,
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US Campaign’s longstanding endorsement of the boycott call -In Letters to EI – Thanks to Nada Elia for her article “A Turning Point in the US Solidarity Movement” (16 September 2009) and for her important …

Trial Balloon for attack into Pakistan/Iran Border Areas? Islamic scholar Tariq Ramadan defends his views, Apostasy II: reasonable doubt
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I’m getting a lot of feedback about my first article on Apostasy, and my second article on Rifqa Bary, and I feel compelled to respond. Unfortunately the comment length limitations make it very difficult to …

The Taliban,Pakistan and USA
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A recent incident which took place in Swat, Pakistan where a girl was flogged just for going some where with her Father in law ohh! what a pity!,what is happening in our dear home land the …

An Article-proxy War From the Side of Pakistan
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Proxy war from the side of Pakistan ?
DalipSingh Wasan,Advodate.
We must know that when Indian attained independence, the Britishers tactfully accepted he demand of one person and created Pakistan one day earlier to the independence day …

Official: Pakistani jets kill 5 insurgents
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KHAR, Pakistan — Fighter jets pounded suspected militant hide-outs Tuesday and killed five insurgents in a tribal region where the Pakistani military declared victory over insurgents six months ago following an offensive, an official said.
The …