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Causes of Poverty in Pakistan
Sunday, 26 Aug, 2012 – 7:00 | 7 Comments
Causes of Poverty in Pakistan

By Anwar Farooq Rana
Pakistan is a poor country. Its economy is facing fluctuations now a day. At the time of independence Pakistan has very low resources and capital, so the processes of progress were very …

Role of agriculture on Pakistan Economy
Saturday, 26 Sep, 2009 – 1:04 | No Comment

Agriculture plays an important role in the national economy of Pakistan, where most of the rapidly increasing population resides in rural areas and depends on agriculture for subsistence. Biotechnology has considerable potential for promoting the …

Red replaces white in Pakistan’s flag
Wednesday, 23 Sep, 2009 – 21:09 | No Comment

Chris is right on more than one count. He laments the lost of battle and wonders aloud that the white in Pakistan’s Flag (representing minorities) would be replaced by red. He is writing about the …

Juma Prayers on Capital Hill, Dajjal,
Wednesday, 23 Sep, 2009 – 20:09 | No Comment

“Our Time Has Come,” proclaims the Islam on Capitol Hill website.The plan is for that time to come on September 25, when event organizers say they expect 50,000 Muslims to come to Washington to participate …

A Q Khan’s letter and Simon Henderson
Wednesday, 23 Sep, 2009 – 20:09 | No Comment

If this is an attempt to white wash his involvement it may backfire ~~t
Simon Henderson has this to say in the Timesonline today:
* Just four pages long, it is an extraordinary letter, the contents of …

In Lieu of Eid Greetings
Wednesday, 23 Sep, 2009 – 18:09 | No Comment

My email to friends and two representative-selected responses from them ~t
we live in interesting timeswhere people merrily killin His name, His followersand we are hard pressedto explain to our childrenand to our shrinking circleof friends …

Cry anti-semitism and win, Media watch,
Wednesday, 23 Sep, 2009 – 18:09 | No Comment

PARIS — In a fifth and final round of voting, a Bulgarian diplomat narrowly defeated Egypt’s culture minister for the leadership post at Unesco on Tuesday night, ending a bitterly fought contest during which critics …

Robert Fisk’s World: Everyone seems to be agreeing with Bin Laden these days
Wednesday, 23 Sep, 2009 – 17:09 | No Comment

Obama and Osama are at last participating in the same narrative. For the US president’s critics – indeed, for many critics of the West’s military occupation of Afghanistan – are beginning to speak in the …