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Using politics to shadow crimes in Karachi

Friday, 24 August 2012 | 6 Comments
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The recent wave of violence in Karachi has left scores dead as well as setting many widows and orphans.

We have recently seen ANP celebrating their new identity – the new name, however one unanswered question would be if ANP ever heartily celebrated the identity of Pakistan given to them after the intense human efforts majorly contributed by the Urdu speaking community – they today accuse responsible of Pakhtun killings in Karachi.

A question one may ask today is why same Afghans are being given welcome reception in Karachi by ANP, contrary to what they are doing since mid 90s in their very-own freshly-named province of Khyber Pakhtunkhuwah.

Pakhtuns had been living in Karachi peacefully since the independence, and they even call Karachi as their first home and as well as similarly welcomed by the people of Karachi and Sindh.
Political establishments and communities of Karachi unlike ANP never believed that weapons are a symbol of their masculinity or indicator of their blood testosterone levels – thus winning a reason to possess arms in Karachi. ANP has those double standards that we cannot discuss de-weaponizing Pakhtunkhuwah but we daily see them pressing towards even revoking licensed arms held by citizens of Karachi who are most sane and educated countrymen and know well when to use them. ANP must come out of this hysteria to de-weaponize Karachi – or must act neutrally to demand de-weaponizing of the whole country.

ANP has been building relations and signing MoUs with the criminals and as well as innocent-working class of Pakhtuns in Karachi to rage war against specifically the Urdu speaking community settled here since the independence. ANP is created as political party to shadow criminal activities of a certain group and mafia.

ANP in the Karachi is working on far-ethnic grounds, serving dual purpose of providing shelter to Pakhtun population, out of which most of them are NATO-sought Taliban fighters fleeing from the tribal belt as well as protecting criminals especially members of the drug mafia.

Innocent working and business-class Pakhtuns living in Karachi for the last few decades are today in emotional disturbance as they find their ethnic representation being skyjacked by ANP.
Contrary to what APN preaches to Pakhtun population of Karachi – MQM’s attitude have been very indiscriminate with the Pakhtun community. We have seen MQM’s City District Government awarding contracts worth millions of rupees indiscriminately to Pakhtuns. Pakhtuns who used to borrow dumpers/heavy machinery on daily-rent basis to conduct their jobs may today be seen owning fleets of those Hino trucks and employing people from their Pakhtun community. This would have never been possible if MQM’s City Government had acted based on ethnic grounds in any way.

Hashish and Heroin have never been as widely-plus-easily available in Karachi as it is today because of the transport route available to ANP lords in Karachi and their human connections to and from the area where it is grown and processed.

Needless to mention this but precisely same situation applies to the arms manufacturing and its supply to Karachi. There are no arms manufacturing units, not even for State use, in Karachi – and all of it is imported from outside of the city, presumably from Pakhtunkhuwah where there is nobody to enforce the law of the land. ANP in Karachi to bridging the gap between arm manufacturers and users, has the capability in shape of human connections and resources in form of long haul trucks as well as passenger busses to import arms and ammunition into Karachi.
Again, needless to mention this but all of these connections insist us to examine ANP’s Sindh leader Shahi Syed, who interestingly, also posses the second post of the chairman of Pakhtun Loya Jirga. Shahi Syed is known in Karachi to have come from Pakhtunkhuwah with literally a cart with him and his first job was to lift goods in metro warehouses at Denso Hall area of Karachi.
Today Shahi Syed alone in ANP’s Karachi leadership is the owner of one of the biggest fuel station chains – and to everyone’s surprise – literally all of those fuel stations are built on precious-cum-illegal real estate valuing millions of rupees.

A lesson from Karachi’s recent target killings must be learnt by national stake holders and as an immediate action, all religious and political parties in Pakistan should keep their differences aside on this single issue and come forward to understand the situation ANP is dragging common Pakhtuns of Karachi into – and should act in the national interest to boycott Jamaica like mafia-supported politics of ANP.

ANP is also known in Karachi for land grabbing; their control of outskirts and entry/exit points of Karachi makes it even difficult for law enforcement agencies to establish the writ of the government there.

A common citizen of Pakistan might be interested to know the common things in Al Asif Square, Qasbah and Banaras areas of Karachi, and one would not need to think from top of his head in order to answer this question as all those three areas – where drugs and weapons are easily available – also have only one thing in common – they are the strongholds of one political force, the ANP.

Before ANP was introduced in Karachi, criminals used to kidnap businessmen and their family from Karachi and take them to the lawless tribal areas for huge ransom money. Unlike old days, we are seeing a sharp rise in kidnappings in Karachi and as a tactical move – ANP’s built cartels in the outskirts of Karachi are now host to Pakhtun kidnappers where they get sparkling flavor of ANP-led hospitality along with the political protection protection in exchange of a fair share of the ransom money – the money which ultimately is used by ANP to assist and further expand its criminal activities.

An independent fact-finding survey should be conducted in Karachi to find out details of illegal land grabbing and organized crimes being supported under the umbrella of politics in Karachi.


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  • Arsalan said:

    i fully agreed wid the writer, yes there r political forces harboring criminal elements, and the criminals are takin shelter of political forces, unfortunately ANP and PPP are responsible for this, few members of ANP and PPP are involved mostly in land grabbing and underworld activities.

  • Ayesha Ali said:

    Yes, It is true i am watching hundred of places in Karachi with ANP Flags, where ANP try to get control on Arm-Tool Bases.

    ANP is the poor Gunda Party of Pakistan.

  • M.A. Rana said:

    Dear Sir,
    We are blaming each other and i am afraid there will be civil war once this hatred penetrated into common man and our enemy will be succeeded in his plan. This is trained personnel of CIA and RAW, hidden in Karachi under protection of MQM. These peoples are working for the interest of all three parties, MQM,USA, India. Whenever, these parties want to pressurize the Government. They are starting this episode. This is not difficult job to control such persons but who is willing to do. USA wants to hold Karachi to eye the China in Gawadar. India is having also same interest. MQM is playing good roll in their favour.

  • ASIM MIRZA said:

    I dont understand this fight.

  • Salman Bihari said:

    Here is the saga :
    The Urdu Speaking lot migrated from india .
    Tolied hard and earned soemthing against it .
    Pathans came from Tribal culture .
    Saw the Muhajirs are sooo well to do ? huh ,,,,
    I need to be at par with them …Pathan thought pattern .but How?
    NO brain , no proper education to carry them on ? so?
    OK grab the peaceful ,Darpok ? Muhajirs by the neck and sntach ,,,
    what they have earned after 6 decades ….simple ……….

    This is just the beginning , The Urdu speaking people need to wake
    up ,,,,,,and stop behaving like an ostrich, before this is too late .

    So ? I am racist , suits me . if you dont your offsprings will have to pay dearly , I am afraid . Trust me we know , we can feel the upcoming heat . We are preared , are you ?

  • Amir Toheed said:

    People of Pakistan must wake up and understand this mafiatic acts, or it will be too late.

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