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PMLN’s sincerity to handle growing militancy in Punjab ?

Sunday, 19 August 2012 | One Comment
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by Alia Malik

During World War II it was the agreement between the rival states that they will not attack or harm Medical camps, hospitals and medical facilities even the barbaric German dictator respected the agreement. On the night of May 31st 2010 barbarism was unleashed in Jinnah Hospital Lahore when 4 militants entered in emergency ward and open fire on the patients killing over dozens of patients and more then 50 injured as it was business as usual in the major health facility of the city when doctors, paramedics, patients and their attendants ran for their lives after the terrorists forced their entry into it from the rooftop. taliban reut608 300x160 PMLN’s sincerity to handle growing militancy in Punjab ?

This attack came as a surprise for the patients but not for the Government of Punjab as they were warned by the federal agency just after the attack on the Ahm that Mumbai type of attacks would take place in Lahore and Government of Punjab led by PML-N as usual warning was ignored. With every fresh attack it becomes clearer that the extremism problem is being grown in the province itself. An increasing body of evidence points to the fact that proscribed organizations including the Lashkar-i-Jhangvi, Sipah-i-Sahaba and Lashkar-i-Taiba continue to operate out of southern Punjab. What’s more, they are swelling their ranks with members of other militant groups who are on the run from areas such as Swat and Waziristan. Extremist organizations in southern Punjab are forging ever-closer links with groups such as the Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan and some reports indicate that the area has become the hub of the Pakistani Taliban with any number of sleeper cells in existence and some 44 per cent of the country’s religious seminaries are in southern Punjab.

History of barbarism and terrorism in Punjab specifically in Lahore is fresh and brutal, incidents of such attacks and suicide bombing have gained momentum since last 2 years and PMLN seems to be intact in this regard and adopted the “head in the sand policy” and being pursued by them. So far PMLN led Punjab government has failed to control such attacks and have not taken any prominent action or stand against terrorism. It is getting obvious that PMLN have soft corner for TTP as senior cabinet ministers of PMLN are seen hanging out with the leader militants, leading rallies of ban out fits and addressing the gathering of ban out fit groups thus promoting hate speech and giving rise to sectarianism. Punjab Police have an elite force which is believed to be the rapid response and highly trained force of police and worst saga is that 90% of elite force is are serving and guarding influential political leaders and families of PMLN while they were supposed to be serving and guarding people of Punjab. It can not be ignored that Osama Bin Laden funded Billions of dollars to PMLN Chief in 1989 to over through PPP government in 1990 this proving long relationship status between militants and PMLN.

Federal Interior Minister Rehman Malik hinted that security forces may conduct minor scale operation in Southern Punjab after the failure of Police and failure of political leadership but the responce of Punjab Government on this statement of Rehman Malik is not much positive. It seems like Shahbaz Sharief is not serious in addressing this issue.

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  • Arsalan said:

    wat one cud say ??? punjab govt specially the sharif brothers, they always support religious extremist forces like sipah e sahaba, lashkar e jhangvi, lashkar e tayyaba and others. moreover Mr shahbaz shareef, the honourable chief minister of punjab publically said that the embissions of taliban and PMLN are same…so …..we can only pray that o ALLAH plz keep pakistan safe from brothers like shareef brothers.

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