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Sugar Crisis: The history is repeating

Tuesday, 14 August 2012 | No Comment
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Looking at the comedy show Alif Noon reminded me of our 30 years old history which used to be aired on PTV. This is very unfortunate that our nation is deprived of memory, deprived of ethics, deprived of education and just every other social necessity required to live on the earth.

Although it may be considered by many as a mere comedy series, it showed a dark side of Pakistani Society where many people were trying to earn money by deception and extremely corrupt business techniques. Another aspect may be also that it tried to show those thugs and fraudulent people the right way and eventually tried to kindle the patriotic spirit in them.

Unfortunate, but those thugs and mafia still exist and are not only found in local neighborhoods, but are also elected to represent in assemblies by our beloved innocent/uneducated fellow citizens.

Watch this video yourself and identify what is going on these days… When we will begin to learn from our experiences? When we will side-line all those family-politicians who are here in politics of the country in order to support their businesses? The thought is developing that we are a hopeless and ruthless nation – unfortunately, and Allah’s curse is continuously going on over us?

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