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Nawaz Corruption: Pot calling the kettle black

Friday, 10 August 2012 | No Comment
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By Ahmed Hashmi

In this little world, a person who is today standing for the rights of the Balochi brothers in the meeting with PM Gilani to discuss Balochistan package, is once blamed to be the biggest enemy of the Baloch nation by Baloch nationalists, that is no doubt the famous wanna-be-prime-minister-obsessed Mr. Nawaz Sharif.

This world is so filled with those stereotypical hypocrites who are all the time found babbling in their mumbled tone on god-knows-what basis?

Nawaz1312001 Nawaz Corruption: Pot calling the kettle black

When a the story broke out in a French journal last week that Mr. Statesman-Bhattakhor (AKA Mr. Zardari) was involved in greasing the French officials when buying 3 submarines in the then 1994 BB shaheed’s government and took a hefty US$ 4.3 Million, Nawaz was the first to come out into the press and tell the world that Nawaz Sharif and his party PML-N is not going to let the same happen with the billions of dollars of donations coming via Kerry-Lugar bill in the next couple of years. And Nawaz’s statement made perfect sense.

Just when I write this, DAWN NEWS tv, a reputed English language news channel broke the story about some critical documents obtained from NAB records that Mr. Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif was himself involved in the same rubbish stuff. And the senses are now lost. He’s definitely not sane.

In my humble opinion, politicians like these who are barking from the castle of opposition’s face about reversing Musharraf’s amendments from the constitution that restricts the Prime Minister from taking the office on the third-term, are the same people who want to grease and leech money out of the tax payers pocket and should be fully exposed in front of our members of the public and be taken to court.

We can forget everything, every act of crime, but being fair with our own selves, we must not forget the history.

DAWN NEWS obtained a copy of a judicial statement submitted by Senator Ishaq Dar revealing for the first time that Nawaz Sharif had fake accounts which were being operated by Senator Ishaq Dar, Naeem Mehmood with the fake names of Sikandara Masood Qazi, Talat Masood Qazi, Kashif Masood Qazi (Qazi chain? Links with our so beloved Mr. Qazi sahib?) and Nuzhat Gohar, and huge sums of money were deposited in these accounts. On 25th April 2000, the court statement by Senator Ishaq Dar also revealed that the money were then transferred to the company accounts of Hudaibiya Paper Mills, owned by Sharif brothers, the sum of US$14.886 MILLION DOLLARS!

The interesting fact given by the DAWN correspondent was that the handwritten statements were actually made in front of a judicial magistrate of a district magistrate of Lahore under criminal procedure code (CPC) section 164, thus according to law technically they become irrevocable, thus now Senator Ishaq Dar cannot deny these statements.

What the hell?

I have this message specially for the people of our country and our youth who recently achieved their political puberty scale, should at least go back into the recent history (like 20 years ago if not couple of decades) and find out what these industrialists mafia was doing with our country and take them in the court of their own hearts and minds. You’ll certainly get the answer in the first go without engaging in any debate with a friend or listening to a dry-talk show.

FROM THE PICTURE ABOVE: Look at the face expressions.. What do you think?

Check the video below, and think about a change?

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