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Karachi: CDGK CCTV footages reveal the culprits

Wednesday, 8 August 2012 | 9 Comments
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They did it before (2007) and they did it again (2009) — to the city of Karachi, the heart of Pakistani.

While Jamat-e-Islami’s secretary general Liaqat Baloch is holding press conference with the toes on MQM, the city mourns in the damage of 50 families of the death victims and 25000 victims of the lost businesses.


This is yet again a thought provoking and interesting fact that the Government of Sindh, under the booby & dumb chief minister, Qaim Ali Shah, shown another round of demo exactly after 730 days (after two years of 27th December 2007 – BB’s shahadat) by keeping a criminal silence, criminal negligence and putting the residents of Karachi, the citizens of Pakistan and everyone else in the world in shock and amusement!

What the heck was it when the mob was torching vehicles of the law enforcement, stoning bypassing and parked vehicles, and the worst of all began to torch those small businesses – compromising a whopping 5000 number of small shops – doing business of billions and paying millions in taxes and employing people responsible for winning the bread’n’butter of the residents of Karachi – who in these days have to buy eggs @ Rs.90/dozen.cdgk 300x217 Karachi: CDGK CCTV footages reveal the culprits

Who responded?

Why the police and rangers didn’t respond? They were there in thousands, some 10000 extra contingent of law enforcement agencies were posted at the spot for the security of the ashura gatherings.

According to sources, when the mayhem began, the police TPO Saddar Town contacted Chief City Police Officer (CCPO) seeking requests to do aerial firing and shelling the mob with tear gas. The TPO Saddar town was disallowed to do anything to handle mobs and told to stay put but must not fire a single round.

As the hour passed they kept tourching businesses and homes at Light House Karachi, the TPO once again approached the CCPO and district DIG but were told to remain criminally silent and let the mob do what they want.

On parallel to all that, the young and energetic mayor of Karachi, Syed Mustafa Kamal was always ready to handle anything and everything which came to him. He observed the situation and took all responsibility onto his shoulders to calm the situation, but unfortunately his fire-brigade tenders were turned down by mobs as they were not even letting the ambulances go. It was all certain what one could expect from the angry mob.

I am going to write answers to all those yet unanswered questions below behind the mastermind who literally wanted to show the dark side to the city.

Who is responsible? Pakistan Khappay Party? The Mastermind

In a drunk, drunken, high, higher press conference, a person from the kitchet-cabinet of Mr. Zordari,  a of an extreme racial dignity, named Zulfiqar Mirza said that, he himself along with his team (the Pakistan Khappay Party) were on the verge of breaking Pakistan – and only restrained from doing so because Mr. Zordari asked that we want Pakistan (Pakistan Khappay) in order to loot, leech and suck the juice outta country!!

The same man, Sindh Home Minister, Zulfiqar Mirza is photographed with the famous Rahman Dakait. Check our detailed story on how PPP supported organized criminals.

 Karachi: CDGK CCTV footages reveal the culprits

They did it before (2007) and they did it again (2009)!

Why the hell they didn’t stop them? Partners in crime?

The picture speaks all, speaks louder than the words, so here’s a fact we now have is that Mr. Zulfiqar Mirza had strong connections with the Pakistani’s separatist supported by the gang war chief Rahman Dakait and Zulfiqar still possess strong connection with the criminal elements in PPP living in suburbs of Karachi city.

 Karachi: CDGK CCTV footages reveal the culprits

Where’s the evidence?

Thank to CDGK’s (City District Government Karachi) innovative Command & Control Center CCTV camera’s installed well above from the ground height, which luckily got unnoticed and remained hidden from those criminal mobs, capturing every bit of the moves.

There it is, right here, in form of the video evidence (specially look at the location 5:20 and onwards in the video):

Screens from the above video:

Please have a look at the criminal elements wearing polo cap – one witnessed over here on how PPP supported organized criminals

The same man named Zulfiqar Mirza did his job when the government released the criminals responsible for massacre in Karachi on 27th December 2007, the day when Benazir Bhutto was murdered – released them with a simple executive order.

What is PPP’s future plan?

This is circulating amongst a group of very well informed journalists that PPP-Sindh region have literally constructed and organized a plan to riot and burn the city of Karachi IF the PPP government is destablized in the center by establishment, OR president Zardari is taken to the court by anyone.. (the residents of Karachi observed a little demo kind of thing on the NRO judgment day!)

Action Items

Press the even shameless government of Pakistan Peoples’ Party to resign or at least kick the raghead Zulfiqar Mirza out of the kitchen and send him to a dustbin filled with litter of eaten mangoes, being rushed by those big-green-eyed flies.

More videos to come soon!


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  • Citizen said:


  • Khalid Rehman said:

    Excellent observation published at London Post & an excellent video proof by Samaa TV.

    You cannot ignore these facts easily.



  • Ahmed Hashmi (author) said:

    @Khalid Rehman

    thelondonpost.net is a propaganda website with ugly try to impersonate the real london post.

    the writer dr. shahid is himself running the propaganda website.

    owner-c: AI-123322
    admin-c: AI-123322
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    expires: 2011-07-09 16:14:12
    changed: 2009-10-11 09:38:30

    contact-handle: AI-123322
    contact: Dr Shahid Qureshi
    organisation: SQ and Co
    address: 27 Gloucester Street
    address: London
    address: London
    address: WC1N 3XX
    address: GB
    phone: +44.7764184908
    email: shahid27uk@yahoo.com


    with regards to the youtube video, there are still dozens of hidden conspiracies involved and we’re trying to get hold of a few long videos from city government karachi cameras.

    will post more videos in a few days, stay tuned. Thanks

  • Anonymus said:

    @ Khalid here is the reality of The London Post…run by Jamat-e-Islami from Mansoora..

    thelondonpost.net IP address location & more:
    Host of the IP: thelondonpost.net
    Host IP [?]:
    IP country code: PK
    IP address country: Pakistan
    IP address state: Punjab
    IP address city: Lahore
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    IP address longitude: 74.3436
    ISP of this IP [?]: Brain Computer Services
    Organization: Brain Telecommunication Ltd.
    Local time in Pakistan: 2010-01-09 22:41

  • MB said:

    Dude excellent observation but one single cap does not prove what you are saying for following reasons:

    As we know ethnicity is one thing and sectarian is another. The person wearing cap might be from PPP but on that day he had come out as a member of maatmi julus wearing that cap as shia not as PPP worker or something. As we know we usually wear caps casually when leaving home. It is not a REAL SYMBOLIC OCCASION to be sensitive about which cap one is wearing for politician affiliations. And from the class the guy seems to belong, it is too far fetched an idea.

    If this one cap is really that special then i think MAY 12 should be an EYE OPENER and A SHOCKER where we know MQM PPP ANP were out and open at each others throat.

    Everyone knows PPP is the main party in liyari so it is also well known that PPP was supporting him till his services required.

    You are over stretching to link MA JINNAH with PPP.

  • Ahmed Hashmi (author) said:

    @MB Thank you very much..

    Like I said, Pakistan Khappay polo cap is not a evidence itself presentable in a court of law to sue the whole political party but instead its a very small bit in investigation.

    The question i have raised and which is everywhere is that why did the police and rangers not respond? They were there in thousands, some 10000 extra contingent of law enforcement agencies were posted at the spot for the security of the ashura gatherings. If you’ve become aware already that two Karachi Police SSPs were also deputed as commanders at the city governments C&C center to help law enforcement agencies nab any suspicious persons when seen.

    The same two SSPs where there when arsonists where raging war against the small business owners of the city, the CCTV camera’s were being guided and zoomed on the command of SSPs for straight 16 hours – but still absolutely no action against arsonists?

    If the PPP-led Sindh government have become too much criminally ignorant – I think the time have arrived for the independent judiciary to intervene and take a suo moto action – including on the events of 27th December 2007 & 12th May.

  • Noman Shah said:

    I think it does not matter much if the polo cap give clues or not. What matters is the involvement of Dr. Zulfiqar Mirza and some hidden hand providing him protection and saving him from being resigned.

    This is so shameful that in such an advanced era of the world, we still have people like him in our society and our so called Independent Judiciary is acting an observing dog!! This is so shameful

  • farrukh said:

    Pp is always curropt from bhutto to all.

  • ahmed said:

    Zulfiqar mirza is bullshit.

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