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Zardari: Blessing future votebank?

Thursday, 26 July 2012 | One Comment
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By Ahmed Hashmi

Pakistan People’s Party is famous in Pakistan for corruption in mass and the party leaders are often blessing their loved ones by various means of government jobs, public service contracts, and in a recently noticed trend, the education department. In a recent report by Transparency International, the present time in Pakistan is termed as the most corrupt era in the history of Pakistan – where government departments such as Police and Power Distribution are termed most corrupt by the report.

In a country where the citizens are literally giving up their lives just because of the shortage of electricity, a bunch of PPP cabinet ministers are sometimes photographed in pubs in the United States. The situation is much worst that it is depicted by our new electronic media, which has yet to recover it’s ‘capital injection’ for its financiers before it could do something called ‘public service’ for this nation.

zardari high Zardari: Blessing future votebank?Here’s a latest example as of writing this post, this time, the President Asif Zardari have finally came out once again to directly ‘bless’ the hometown of Bhutto’s family settled in a city in a Sindh, named Naudero.

This time, not by announcing WB and ADB loaned development projects, but by announcing and strictly following up development of a power plan project valuing some $52 million dollars (USD$52,000,000). As the news sources tell the project was signed last month, and as of today, July 1st 2009, the vendor has been paid in full – in advance to start construction of gas-powered-turbine power plant of 51 megawatts. The construction will start from a week to 10 days from now according to sources.

They have a plan to bring 51MW gas-powered Naudero power plant “online” in 150 days only.

The question is, the Pakistani citizens living in Islamabad, Lahore and Karachi are so poorly treated as they have less ‘Pakistaniat’ in them than in those living in Naudero?

Can’t the President Zardari order just four power plants of the same generation capacity to save the industrialized cities of Pakistan like Karachi or Faisalabad from collapsing?

Source: http://www.journalrecord.com/article.cfm?recid=100165

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  • Amir said:

    Soon Pakistani will dig a large pit and throw all Politicians in it and than Urinate on them. Zardari and his alliance will come first.

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