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The ‘fear’ of lawyers

Sunday, 8 July 2012 | No Comment
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Ever since the daur e jahiliyat one of the fundamentals that played a vital role in people converting to the path of right was the security of justice being provided irrespective of a person’s status within the society. And that justice has set freed and dominated the world then, which was later adapted by the west as a success policy.

Sadly when we look at the picture today it is more of a 180 degree u-turn from the direction. Not only we have forgotten justice but added that corrupt politicians and feudals in the country which have used it as there best toy to play around for their personal benefits.Lawyers Clash with Police Mar 07 Pakistan11 The fear of lawyers

Yes, those feudals have had no respect for the justice system and have attacked it over and over again in the history – as its happening in Lahore right now.

On times doing it by themselves and on times using the lawyers’ body to do it.

It was the same lawyers’ body who killed several innocents in Karachi on May 12, 2010 blaming it upon the peaceful protestants of the city and now they are repeating it on September 30, 2010.

There should be a stop to it now. And at least for they should stop talking about change and justice when the feudals themselves attack them whenever not happy with them.

The DAUR E JIHALIYAT needs to be end soon and soon will HAQ erupt from every corner of the country.

Judges who want peace to be distributed are working under a great life threat. We need to speak up now against it or will get no other chance.

Usman Rizwan contributed this blog post.

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