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Is this an attack on Media? Jang, Geo offices besieged at govt behest

Monday, 24 May 2010 | 3 Comments
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Muhammad Taha

An Organization namely Sindh National Party (Palejo Group) besieged the office of Jang Group on Sunday evening and demands  the Justice of “Hazrat Umar R.A.” from GEO and Jang Network in a reaction of not providing them a proper space in news.

Demonstrations demanding coverage or a shut up call to critics are not a new practice as in February last year ANP had organized a similar demonstration on I. I. Chundrigar Road against the media critics on then NWFP for signing an accord with Taliban militants.snp 300x225 Is this an attack on Media? Jang, Geo offices besieged at govt behest

While talking to media a senior journalist Khursheed Abbasi reveals that Police is allowing no one except demonstrators to enter the I. I. Chundrigar Road. Other analysts, human right activists and politicians openly linked SNP with PPP.

Our Sources in media confirmed their link with PPP, “We receive SNP news handouts from CM House with feedback calls from PPP leaders. “  SNP announced its support to PPP whenever PPP is in need of few other faces to support its stance or candidates, like by-elections.

The absence of Information Minister Sindh Shazia Marri & Federal Minister for Information Fouzia Wahab from the list of condemning leaders is quiet suspicious. Even this time Sherry Rehman preferred to remain quiet as she has nothing to lose.


A video clip shown a protestors snatching SMG gun and beating police officer is a question mark to the efficiency of Sindh Police to stop such crimes, specially Target Killings.

Where has Zulfiqar Mirza gone? We had Ashura Blast, Chehlum Blast, Dozen springs of target killings in Karachi, so can citizens of Pakistan ask where is Zulfi now? Why he isn’t resigning? Who is supporting him? = Zordari? What is stopping him from resigning? = his shamelessness?

Time has arrived when we need a change, a change to bring prosperity and empowerment of a common citizen of Pakistan by kicking all this looters and grabbers. Lets hope for a Change.

Video Clip:

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  • Haroon said:

    this is simply crazy, in sab logo mein musharraf kee rooh aa gai hai.. zardari ko thori ghairat kerni chahiye and he must leave!

  • Yahya said:

    This is another proof of hypocrisy and incompetency of the government.

    Zulfikar Mirza should immediately be replaced from his Home Ministry office and be replaced by some more courageous urban representative.

  • Anees said:

    Another example of Deficiency of Interior Ministry Sindh.I think S N P is playing role of PPP (B) and working on the agenda of PPP to protect Zardari.Today is the hearing for N R O Case so may be they are putting pressure on Media for coverage.

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