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Hamid Mir: Taliban’s most favorite informer (secret audio)

Friday, 14 May 2010 | 44 Comments
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Hamid Mir Hamid Mir: Talibans most favorite informer (secret audio)Below is a shocking recoded audio call apparently did in the last month between number two of Hakimullah Mehsud, the Pakistan and America’s most wanted man in Pakistan.

Hamid Mir is seen talking to the guy and convincing him that Khalid Khawaja is a qadyani (Ahmadi) and is a CIA agent and is worst than an infidel.

The question with Hamid Mir is now how can you live with it? Why did you hide the world that you are a secret Taliban? You have been working with Taliban agenda?

Hamid Mir you have been caught red handed and its a shame. Now before someone takes you to the court, you should go in your room and commit suicide!

Hamid Mir, your views on Javed Ibrahim Paracha, a notorious terrorist of Sipah-e-Sahaba in Kohat did not shock me as it was already proven from your backstage connections when you interviewed Osama Bin Laden.

The question and the confusion and its conclusion is now obvious, You are a friend of Pakistan or a supporter of terrorist organizations?

Hamid Mir you are a disgrace to this nation, you are a symbol for shame for all of us, this nation never knew before today that you are a secret supporter of those mass-murderers Taliban, you played on the blood of those soldiers, those innocent citizens who went to shopping in Bazaar and got caught in the suicide bomb. Seriously, you should commit suicide.


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Update 1:

The person Hamid Mir is talking to is named ‘UMER’. He runs Media department of Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan.

Update 2:

Transcript of the telephonic conversation in English language:

Hamid Mir: Many bombings are being carried out.

Unidentified man: Let’s see. There will be more of them. There are some in the pipeline. What do they (government) say about the operation in Orakzai? Will they stop it or not?

HM: No, they say it would not be stopped, rather they say they will also start an operation in North Waziristan and 40,000 troops will leave in a couple of days.

UM: In North Waziristan?

HM: Yes.

UM: Do you have any report on Khalid Khawaja etc.

HM: They say Khalid Khawaja Saab is in custody of one Azam Afridi in Darrakhel.

UM: Yes, yes Tariq Afridi (correcting HM).

HM: They are in Tariq Afridi’s custody.


HM: Yes.

UM: So, are they men of the government or ISI?

HM: Who?

UM: These, Khalid Khawaja and Colonel Imam.

HM: Khalid Khawaja, according to my opinion, is not an ISI man, rather he is a CIA agent, an American CIA agent and he has links with the Taliban leadership.

UM: Yes, he met with Hakimullah and others when he came here last time.

HM: I personally know that Khalid Khawaja has links not only with CIA but he is also a front man of Mansoor Ijaz who belongs to a very big international network of Qadiyanis. Once he came to me along with Mansoor, who had a briefcase with him, and Khalid Saab told me that Mansoor is a key representative of the US government, so arrange his meeting with Syed Salahuddin, who is a mujahideen leader, and he along with him would resolve the Kashmir issue.

UM: All right.

HM: But I asked him what charm or magic lamp does he posses for the resolution of the Kashmir dispute. He said he had links with the Indian government and (Atal Bihari) Vajpayee Jee, which surprised me. I didn’t arrange the meeting, but I asked Mr Salahuddin who said Khalid Khawaja is sending messages that you should directly talk to India and the US on the issue and exclude Pakistan from it.

UM: All right, all right.

HM: After that, Mansoor Ijaz also asked me: Are you with us or not? I said, “I am not with you.” Then he conspired against me and got me sacked from the Daily Ausaf when I was its editor. So, I think Khalid Khawaja not only has links with the CIA but he is also an agent of the Qadiyanis, and I am very sad that he used to go to the Tribal Areas and meet leaders there.

UM: But now, I think, the Taliban have caught him and have demanded $10 million for the journalist.

HM: Do you know what part his (Khalid Khawaja’s) wife played in Lal Masjid?

UM: No, but it was something negative.

HM: It was that Maulana Abdul Rashid Ghazi Saab – may Allah bless him with a place in heavens. What he told me in his last days was, do you know that he did not completely agree with Maulana Aziz.

UM: Yes, yes.

HM: Mr Abdul Rashid Ghazi wanted to save the students inside the mosque and for that he showed flexibility and said, “I am ready to surrender on the condition that those who are with me will not be arrested and will be released.” But Khalid Khawaja’s wife was pressurised so much by Ume Hassaan that Maulana Abdul Aziz, without asking his brother, came out in a burqa, and Khalid Khawaja was involved in it (call disconnected).

UM: Assalam-o-Alaikum!

HM: Yes,

UM: The call got disconnected.

HM: Ok.

UM: So, what were you saying about his wife?

HM: Yes, I was telling you that his wife pressurised him so much that Ghazi Saab said, “She says we have to fight, just fight for martyrdom.” After that Mr Khalid Khawaja came out of the mosque and his wife also fled, Khalid Khawaja’s wife.

UM: Yes, we heard that she had fled after that.

HM: Yes, she ran away and then Maulana Abdul Aziz also came out in the burqa.

UM: I think, he insisted for that.

HM: Yes, he had done all this. After that Maulana Abdul Aziz was arrested and Mr Abdul Rashid Ghazi telephoned me and said, “Now, I don’t have any option. Now, my family and ulema have been defamed as my brother was arrested in a burqa and presented on Pakistan Television. This is a large stain which can only be removed with my blood.” So, he lived up to his words and sacrificed. So, Khalid Khawaja and his wife, anyone may know or not, they will have to answer before Allah Almighty.

UM: He, recently, came here and met my companions. He was saying, “You can work in Pakistan as we say, if you want to. I can arrange your ‘setting’ with an admiral in Mianwali. So, you should not burn US containers in Pakistan, you can rob them and sell them to a person recommended by us.” He was saying, “We would provide you everything for carrying out activities in Pakistan.”

HM: Do whatever you want to with the containers, burn them or rob them, I have nothing to do with it. But ask him what relationship he has with Mansoor Ijaz and William Casey? William Casey was the chief of CIA.

UM: Right, right.

HM: He (Khawaja) himself has confessed in front me that he had links with William Casey. Ok! Leave William, ask him about the Qadiyanis, because I personally believe that Qadiyanis are worse than infidels, what kind of links does he have with Qadiyanis? What relationship does he have with Mansoor Ijaz? Why does he use his money? Why does he go everywhere with him when he comes to Pakistan? Why does he bring him to the mujahideen?

UM: Yes, he has a son in al Qaeda.

HM: Yes, his son would also be a spy like him.

UM: Yes, I talked to the shaikhs about him. They said they were keeping him on the sidelines.

HM: His biggest betrayal to me was that there was a mujahid, Abdul Rehman Al Canady.

UM: Yes, there was one Canady.

HM: He was martyred in North Waziristan. He came to me with Canady’s wife and a daughter, saying Canady’s son, Karim, is at Rawalpindi’s CMH and is injured and the army had arrested him. He asked me to arrange a meeting between the injured and his mother. I said this is very difficult for me and I can’t do this because already they are all against me. But, he said all that you need to do is to arrange a meeting between a mother and her son. So, I arranged it with a lot of difficulties and sent the woman to Rawalpindi CMH, but when she reached there she took a camera out of her burqa and asked her son to record a message that he is innocent, has no links with anyone and has been kept here illegally. She was arrested there because a nurse saw her and seized the camera from her. But I was held responsible for all of it as they told me that I had sent this woman. It was revealed after her arrest that the woman had a Canadian passport and had visited Canada two months ago. After that I faced a lot of difficulties. The Canadian government released the woman and her daughter and then she went back to Canada. In Toronto, she held a press conference and admitted that she worked for the CIA. Now Khalid Khawaja has a long beard and his wife wears a full veil so people like us, who are involved in worldly affairs and have committed sins, believe that if we will help them, we might be forgotten for our sins. When these kinds of people betray us, we lose confidence on the religion itself.

UM: Absolutely, neither we are wrong nor is the army, but people like him have created the difficulties.

HM: However, if he is somewhere, ask him at least that you used the name of Abdul Rehman Canady, you worked with Mansoor Ijaz, you have worked William Casey. And there is one Javaid Ibrahim Piracha, who has a very big seminary in Kohat.

UM: Yes, yes.

HM: You all know the services of Piracha Saab. So, he fraudulently invited Piracha Saab in Islamabad and told him he wanted to arrange his meeting with a prominent personality. He took him to the US deputy foreign minister at Serena Hotel and said, “He is Mr Piracha and he can arrange your talks with the al Qaeda and Taliban.” Piracha Saab is a well-educated person. I observed that he was betrayed and came out of the room and escaped from there. Then he called me and said, “You were right about him (Khalid Khawaja).”

UM: Right, right. He went to him last time.

HM: Yes, Piracha Saab told me about that. He said, “He came to me and Col Imam was also here and told Col Imam that don’t go anywhere with this guy.” He (Piracha) said, “What can I do if he comes here and I can’t force him out of my house, but you don’t go anywhere with him.” Mr Piracha said Col Imam didn’t want to go with Khalid Khawaja, but he forced him to go with him.

UM: Right, maybe to use as human shield. But Shah Abdul Aziz, that MNA of Kirk, is supporting him a lot. He was meeting everyone here and asking for his release.

HM: He would have fooled Shah Abdul Aziz.

UM: Yes, he was asking people to release him and said you may keep the journalist, whose ransom will be paid to you by him.

HM: Ok! His release depends on them who have kept him, but convey them these three questions that what is your link with Mansoor Ijaz, whose father fled with the atomic secrets of Pakistan. Mansoor Ijaz’s father was an atomic scientist and he fled to the US with the atomic secrets of Pakistan. Once he (Ijaz) offered Benazir Bhutto a quid pro quo deal in 1995 that all the debts of the country will be forgiven, if she recognised Israel. That means he was also an agent of Israel.

UM: Yes, he used to ask my companions to work in Pakistan “as we say”. Actually, the killings of brigadiers in Rawalpindi might have been arranged by him, I think.

HM: It might be possible, but I have been watching this guy for the last 13 or 14 years and he is a suspected man.

UM: OK. Inshallah, I will meet Hakimullah in two or three days and talk to him about all this.

HM: All right

UM: Thank you so much.

HM: Assalam-o-Alaikum!

UM: Assalam-o-Alaikum!

Transcript Courtesy: Daily Times

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  • Naveed Ahmad said:

    Hamid Mir clearly saying that CIA and Taliban have links with each other.He said in the first two minutes despite the fact that may be it is just a computer work.This is not one conversation,it breaks many times and i am sure that secret agencies created this whole drama against Hamid Mir because he recently did a show in support of missing persons.The other person trying to prove that Khalid Khawaja’s son is with Al Qaeda but Hamid Mir trying to get some information.I think he wsa trying to save the kidnapped journalist Asad Qureshi and he tried that Taliban should not kill anybody immediately.I think that that this tape will actually help Hamid Mir because people like Zaid Hamid accused him of being a CIA agent but now people will say that he is against both CIA and Taliban.

  • osaaf said:

    he is agent terrorist he involve in terrorism in pakistan he should b hang till death

  • Adil said:

    Pepole of Pkistan that are know now you work with who and how much you love Pakistan you have lot of blood in yours hand for our children GOD give you Merce and i hope you sleep well any way nice nice tape on you tube

  • Abdullah Muntazir said:

    This audio does not prove that Hamid Mir is an anti Pakistan person. Rather it clearly shows that he is anti CIA and anti Qadyani and Pro Pakistan. He does not need to commit suicide. He is a journalist and he needs to keep in touch with everyone. Khalid Khawja was a disputed personality. May Allah forgive his sins and raise his Darajat. There are people who claim that he was killed by Black Water but this audio tap confirms that he was killed by TTP.

  • ishaque said:

    Naveed Ahmad & Abdullah Muntazir , you guys are naive but show true face of impotent pakistani nation. Pakis can not differenciate between friend and foe and still belive that geo(Jew) and hamid are doing some devine work just like taliban are killing peoples all over pakistan. What a shame…

  • Ehsan said:

    One should not give such dashing judgments without knowing that a journalist needs to have good contacts particularly with warring factions. Hamid Mir is not a soldier but a journalist and he should have contacts with insurgents. Why are we so happy to find him guilty? We actually hate living heroes and worship them after they are dead.


    […] A shocking audiotape of a conversation between Hamid Mir – one of the country’s top TV anchors – and a […]

  • USAMan said:

    Hamid mir is a terrorist and he should be killed either by Pakistan’s army or American special Ops, We over seas Pakistani had an idea that he is always in the support of Talibans that Fag. I say One Bullet to his head and he is over. scum of the earth

  • Somi said:

    I agree with Muntazir. Although he was talking with a Taliban personnel but we cannot say that he is anti Pakistani. He may be involved with Taliban and other religious people but it may be his duty. As you hear, he condemns Qadiani and CIA people.
    But there is a little point that he must not be so close to such people and there is a little possibility that he may change their minds for a particular person. like in case of Khalid Khawaja.
    He can be a reporter between govt and taliban but must not be very close to them.
    There must be some kind of investigation took place for this matter. and He must clear his position in front of Nation.

  • iftikhar said:

    hi viewer
    i gone through this tape nothing in it hamid mir is geniene person true pakistani every journalist has source of informations like this nothing in this tape prove he is on taliban side r anti american r antipakistani
    i feel ashame for those pakistani who call hamid bad name
    bye take care

  • Adil said:

    When i was kid i learn one thing if you thaif you call every one thaif like he call not only KK work for CIA he call lot of pepole same thing as human he have some vales but he dont belive as normal person i belive KK munder on his name he saking for support in media for now even Kamran Khan,Shaid Masood ,Shaheen,Irfan, Haroon Rasheed. dont say any word they know what he did he ay tape is fake ISI make that please dont put blame ISI every Pakistani love ISI they work for Pakistan not like Hamid Mir for CIA,RAW.OR MUSAD,just i belive he have good chance to take revange from KK and he use it and what a shame you talking some one wife i read paper last 2 days he blame Asif Zerdare come on if Shaid Masood,or Kamrn khan blame Mr Zardare than every one understand not him if i was KK son i will take him court for muder case he did cold blooded muder for KK. He was thinking no one can touch him I just want to say my friend time is change pepole are not stupid any more they know black and white is time to pay back we just know about KK and how many more he did Gods know If we look in past we will find out. KK work for CIA ok we belive but you work with who TTP? i thing CIA batter than TTP ok just look this way who have more money KK or you if you have how you make that and yours brothers good luck Hamid Mir if you want play with ISI realy you need GOOD LUCK but i thing you lost it with LOVE Adil

  • sibte7 said:

    kill hammid mir ghadar kamina

  • Imran said:

    Looks like a fake audio to me.

  • Sajid said:

    This tape makes it crystal clear that where the loyalties of Hamid Mir lies, In case it was not already evident. If you see his programmes , he has single agenda , to make people disloyal to Pakistan and instigate there hatred against motherland. He may be earning big money by all this but I wonder how would he be raised on Yaum-e-akhrat. I wonder how ashamed his mother would be not to educate and instigate loyalty in her son.
    In case anyone thinks that Hamid Mir is doing any service to nation , I am afraid that such people are blind to the reality. He was the main culprit behind red mosque incident as well. Initially he repeatedly incited the government to take action against madrassah citing that they are creating nuisance in capital. He encouraged the government through his programmes to take every possible action against this students. Once the action was started , through his same programme , he ridiculed the forces and glorified the students and there leaders.

  • Ahmad said:

    I think the time has come to take this person up to justice.
    Hamid mir said very strange things about Qadiyanis. I think and hope all of you might be that Qadiyanis are citizens of Pakistan.
    So my opinion is that there should be an additional petition against this traitor along with FIR that will be launched my Osama Khalid.

  • Shahzad said:

    I don’t think he said any thing to influence, he was saying what is his observation,
    2nd col imam is still alive govt must get him alive and he can confirm what Hamid mir is saying.
    3rd our all media persons do have connections with taliban to get information,
    4th is hamid mir is so dum that he don’t know that his phone are getting tapped.
    5th We all have freedom of expression and freedom of having views about some body.

  • M.A. Rana said:

    This is part of Journlist to have good relation with all. This is not bad to keep relation with Taliban. which taliban is proven guility so far. However, PPP Government wants to eleminate some Journlist and Hamid Mir is one of them. I think this is all sonsiparcy of PPP against Hamid Mir.

  • zahid alam said:

    you fools he is a hero, doesnt you think he has everything no need to do this.

    its a fraud.
    i salute you our great ancchor and please dont be afraid of these fake chaals.

    God bless you,

  • arslan sameer siddiqui said:

    well this is just blunder which is made by CIA i just listen this and it is nothing yar come on get up the nation of pakistan

    he is ver brave anchor every anchor has its own secracy or information terminal its not bad

  • Ahmed Ali said:

    Dear All,

    In my opinion, we should avoid blaming anyone for being a traitor. Needed is a full an transparent inquiry. And if he’s proved to be guilty he should be punished.


    Ahmed Ali.

  • Kashif Jawad said:

    I beleive that Hmid Meer is not a terrorist or CIA Agent. When Indians were publishing Pkistani Maps and asking that Pakistan will be wanished from the glob till October 2009, this was Hamid Meer who gave hope to over seas Pakistanis and said that I will come to you in October 2010 to tell you that ur Pakistan is still existing and is more powerful. Is anyone like this brave person? More over this is his job nature and he has to meet many persons like this. it also happens in West that many journalist keep links with such persons to know the truth.

  • Advocate Ajmal Solangi said:

    I don’t think so that the recording is ture, but let it be a judicial enquiry first. Hamid Mir is very good person in all way and lover for this state.

  • aijaz hussain said:

    i m just confused about it!!
    my mind says it is not hamid mir!!
    i just think he is sincere with PAKISTAN!!!

  • Adil said:

    Hi i read Mr.Ajmul
    Sir how you know Mr.Mir is good person i belive you 100% can you tell me please why no one helping him on this matter just like me i dont know Mr Khalid but i belive all this why i am growing man just ask Mr .Mir,s friend did he feel happy whe he got killed every one told you yes he was happy Mr Ajmul mabe i dont like you bucase you i lose my job this me i like to kill you or cnvoy to somr one ya he is not good person he have to die every onr know Dawn TV invite Mr Mir and Mr.Khalid son Mir refuse to go on air with his son why ask some kid woh steal some thing in shop and you tell him go see the gay in store he naver so see him he send notice 250 million to news paper gay if you in paper media you know hole nine yard how this thing work whit i thing this dram is not over when pepole stsrt dig now thay will find lot of thing he blame IB playig game with him all set up ok so why not he go to polpgrife test ma be i spell wrong but i thing you got my point what i mean i you want look other way after 911 how much he make money he hit jackpot with CIA every one know this this is small world is not easy to hide this things any more i am not belong any Party but i watch every thing very close he play dirty role with Shakie Rasheed few months ago why persnol problem ? he plying dirty games to long this time he got busted this happan some time you thing you always win is wrong some time you just lose one time and thats for GOOD he have bad luck this time so who ever dont like him use this same way he use before against others

  • haseeb said:

    hamid is great

  • sania said:


  • Ali said:

    As far as the killing of the Khalid Khawaja is concerned, Hamid Meer has no responsibility of that. Hamid was trying to convey the truth about him. And he was clearly trying to save the innocent journalist. And I see Hamid proves in all this conversation his patriotism for Pakistan and Islam. All he did was to tell truth and unveil evil conspiracies of CIA. If people like Khalid Khawaja have been doing all things like Hamid Meer told, then he deserved what he got. And Hamid Meer should be praised for all his sincere feelings with Pakistan and Islam. May Allah show us all the right path and let us judge difference between truth and conspiracies. Long Live Pakistan, Long Live Islam.

  • Javaid said:

    I think we need to relook or revisit the whole episode in a broader view. Hamid Meer’s association with the channel makes him a doubtful personailty itself. Many of the people amongst us may not be knowing that a prominent Indian company has more than 50% shares in the channel he represent. Moreover, Hamid Meer’s looked as an agent of influence who has access in the elite branches of Pakistan being a journalist. Now imagine if my above mentioned statement is true. Imagine the influence India can play through a so called important and vital channel seen by max Pakistanis.
    Secondly I learnt that Hamid Saheb had claimed about Rs. 50 Coror from the news paper published his present story…..lolz
    I want to ask very honestly to all my Pakistani fellows…….
    for me he is just another person who has a price in the market…..so sad but truth

  • Ahmed said:

    As student and keen listener i was sure from the first day that Hamid Mir, Kamran Khan, Shaheen Sahbai, Shahid Mashood, Ansar Abbasi, and most of GEO tv is very much in favour of Taliban from the day first, and their thinking is right wing, and they always promoted extremism in our society,

    now world nows that these people are selfish and for their self they are destroying whole country

  • Rafiq said:

    Just out of curiosity , I have done some online research about Khalid Khawaja for few hours . Everyone was surprised when he was killed. Frequent question by news analysts was that how can Taliban kill one of there own supporters. So doing some research I just wanted to find few links or unravel few mysteries and read on if you are interested to find my impartial take on ‘mysterious death’ of Khalid Khawaja.

    1) Hamid Mir is on Payroll of Nawaz Sharif:
    I hope no one should have any doubt about it . For an impartial observer , the way he conducted his program during Rawalpindi by-elections to muster up PML-N support was enough evidence. Apart from that he had participated in election campaigns of PML-N candidates.

    2) Khalid Khawaja was creating issues for PML-N
    Unfortunately , Khalid Khawaja made some revelations of Nawaz Sharif meetings with Osama Bin Laden. He also mentioned about money donated to Nawaz Sharif by Osama Bin Laden to bring down PPP government in 1989. According to Khalid Khawaja , he also had proof of these meetings. You can search on youtube to find these interviews. Now such revelations could have created serious repercussions for Nawaz Sharif.

    3) Khalid Khawaja had to be ‘handled’
    The PML-N became active for kidnapping and onward killing of Khalid Khawaja. In Lahore high court there is a petition against former PML-N MNA from Krak – Javed Ibrahim Piracha for involvement in murder of Khawaja. He was the last person with whom Khawaja had met and only he knew about whereabouts of Khawaja which were passed on to kidnappers. Once he was kidnapped, the kidnappers were not sure about why they have kidnapped him and what to do with Khawaja.

    4) Khalid Khawaja had to be ‘removed’
    Taliban kidnappers were not too sure of what to do with Khawaja . This is where Hamid Mir came into picture. With his excellent skills of handling ‘mullah’ psychology, he made sure that enough venom is fed to kill the guy who had helped CREATION of Taliban in 1990s . He feeds them everything which even if labeled on a guy in coma for a decade would result in his death by mullah fanatics. He is labeled a CIA agent , since that did not create the effect. He was labeled as Qadiyani front man forgetting the fact that why would qadiyani community select Khawaja as front man ! . That did little effect so to cement it further , Khawaja is labeled as Israeli agent . That should surely do the trick . But just to make it sure , he is also blamed for carnage of Red mosque and in particular the ‘burqa’ of Maulana Rasheed. A fact mentioned in tape but totally negated by fact that Namaz-e-Janaza of Khalid Khawaja was led by Maulana Rasheed !

    5) Post operation clean-up
    In order to make sure that no one even suspect Hamid Mir of involvement, he does an about turn. If you search the newspapers after murder of Khalid Khawaja , he was THE FIRST JOURNALIST who wrote a detailed article in ‘The NEWS’ about life or complications of life of Khalid Khawaja. He glorified Khalid Khwaja and his lifetime work in that article and effectibely made an attempt that no one should suspect him for his role in facilitating the murder. The basic question is that of all the myriads of journalists, it just had to be big coincidence that Hamid Mir ended up writing first article about life of Khalid Khawaja which was ‘picked’ by several other newspapers.

    6) What next ?
    I do not believe that in outdated judicial system of Pakistan , the family of Khalid Khawaja can get any justice. This tape is way too ‘advanced’ to be accommodated in our system. Our system of justice is mainly working on witnesses who can be hired right outside the court. Any tapes or videos are considered ‘weak evidence’. I can understand the mental torture that family of Khalid Khawaja would be going though — After lifetime of dangerous work for country , how he was humiliated and painfully murdered. Unfortunately praying to Allah is the only thing that they can do. Crooks like Hamid Mir are too ‘well-connected’ and they are practically above any law or rules EXCEPT the law and punishment of Allah.

  • Adil said:

    you juat write my felling and every thing is true what you writr

  • zeeshan said:

    hi,folks wht i personally think after hearing and reading all this i hav few question regarding this converstaion 1st of all it should come in public tht who recorded this conversation and wht the purpose of this tape coming out this time so if hamid mir hav contacts with taliban or so called taliban he must spoke with them earlier as well so where r all those tapes b,coz who ever taped this they must hav resourses to taped every 1 conversation so this is violation of fundamental right,s of a normal citizen and i think hamid mir should come in media and respond to tht issue thnx pakistan zindabad

  • Sajid said:

    I am not surprised , as expected the indian media comes to the rescue of Hamid Mir.

    According to the article
    “For Mir belongs to a family known for its progressive ways and for opposing dictators—his father Waris was an intellectual who took on Gen Zia-ul-Haq; his grandfather Abdul Aziz was a leading Punjabi and Persian poet.”

    As pointed out by Zeeshan and also published in this indian newspaper , now attention is being diverted by discussing ‘how the conversation was made public’ .
    Dear Zeeshan , did you forget when Hamid Mir went to a village in order to verify credentials of Ajmal Kasab. He had filmed residents and locals secretly without there permission. What fundamental rights are you talking about ? There are bold videos / audios released in US or UK all the time and action is taken on the content of the audio rather than discussing about who recorded it !

    Irrespective violation of fundamental right or not , whether government is trying to push Hamid Mir in corner or not … the basic allegation is that Hamid Mir proved instrumental in murder of a man. A life was lost ! A father , a husband was killed due to him . You can not put loss of human life aside and start discussing about fundamental rights of Hamid Mir !!! . To hell with the rights of this traitor !

  • Sajid said:

    Btw … in case you search videos of Khalid Khawaja online , in a video I remember he said that jihadits and there lines are being infested with Indian agents. He had clearly mentioned that India is finding this an easy oppertunity to keep the Pakistan Army engaged and further there ambitions in neighboring country (Pakistan). Today indian newspapers trying to protect Hamid Mir and revealing news which are not yet even released in Pakistani press says a lot. I think that late Khalid Khawaja ( may his soul rest in peace ) was correct about those allegations.

  • Adil said:

    Indian media and Mir they are like brother and sister you will see they gonna help him lot soon or later .

  • jahanzeb durrani said:


  • umar said:

    this man over here is not a pakistani and should be exiled he has no right to live in pakistan either kill him or expell him from our country people should understand thier condition in pakistan and have to take actions

  • Adil said:

    I see Mir program in tv to night who is helping Masood Sharif and Muzhar i dont want say any thing about Muzhar but i thing every one know about Masood and his past Mir blame shakie Rasheed he has nothing to do with this he try go get some fresh air so he try to blame every one i am watching this drama very close and looking every one what they move i thing in few days Geo stop support him what i thing he is in deep deep shit did any one look his face and he say he know who is friend what i belive if you are blackmailer you never have friend in the end he will standing alone and he will pay for Khalid blood big price

  • khan said:

    not surprised every little educated person knows that not hamid mir there are lot more so called famous journalists of pakistan are involved with taliban and providing them intelligence information ..unfortunately more than 95% of urdu media in pakistan is considered FIFTH COLUMNIST by the silent majority of this unfortunate but most beautiful country in the world

  • parwez said:


  • Asfi said:

    why are we getting into so much of useless debate.How many are not convinced that hamid mir is not a culprit.Surely there is no justice in Pakistan, but dont forge, he will be punished and punished severely by Allah.

  • rizwan khalid said:

    I beleive that Hmid Meer is not a terrorist.

    We love Hamid Mir.

  • Nasir Rizvi said:

    ISI tried to malign Hamid Mir and tried to blacj mail him by forging one tape from so many tapes but they miserably failed. It was a conspiracy of ISI. Hamid Mir survived again.

  • Arshad Jamal Butt said:

    Nobody is sure about anybody in Pakistan so, how can we be sure about Hamid Mir or any other person.
    If Govt., opposition, army, Journalists and civil society is on right path then why Pakistan is in turmoil situation? We all have to think that.

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