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President Zardari attacks ISI, Army and Media

Sunday, 27 December 2009 | No Comment
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He starts with Pakistan Khappay!!

With the drowning ship of Asif Ali Zardari’s presidency, he’s just too childish to take the offensive position and become aggressive even before the opponents doing anything against him.

It is famous amongst political circles that Zulfiqar Mirza, the PPP Sindh Home Minister is usually high after 7pm in the evening, but that proved wrong when he gave a statement by his hear that Pakistan Peoples’ Party was about to break the country – if Mr. Zardari had not given the “Pakistan Khappay” statement.12 27 2009 55637 l1 President Zardari attacks ISI, Army and Media

President Zardari continuously blames everyone about conspiracies – where there are absolutely no conspiracies and the speech he did was a clear indication of a fearful heart.

With a childish heart, it clearly indicates that Mr. Zardari is a district level politician and got the presidency accidentally?

In Zardari’s latest version of accusations, he is found complicating things even more by mentioning “they”, “their”, “of them” and the best those news analysts could grasp out of it was that he is clearly targeting the ISI, Army and Media (political actors(actresses))

To the Geo News story: http://www.geo.tv/12-27-2009/55637.htm

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