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Pakistan: Youth Under Attack

Wednesday, 21 October 2009 | One Comment
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With the sad news of terrorism in the month of October this year, comes the even sad news of terrorists changing their attacking strategies in such a random manner which our intelligence agencies are so incapable of dealing. Earlier from today Taliban terrorists have targeted Girls schools, Mosques, Churches, Imam Bargah, Marriott/PC hotels, foreign embassies and offices of the security forces including police training camp (thrice in this year) and regional headquarters of FIA (twice this year).attack1 Pakistan: Youth Under Attack

Shame on those people who have always been suggesting that we should conduct negotiations with Taliban and bring them on to the table. They have now attacked International Islamic University’s women’s area, and maybe tomorrow they are going to attack Bahria University, Islamabad and so on?

I wont say that the problem is only with the government which have completely and shamelessly failed to protect the youth as well as the the citizens of this country, but the problem is more than that. There we’ve got hidden black sheep in Pakistan who exists just everywhere, every city, in form of hardliner sects of our beloved religion or in form of some specially blessed (blessed by some fascists elements from Pakistan’s establishment) political parties. This is a problem deeply rooted into us. This is very unfortunate for our youth that the silent sympathizer of Taliban is at large and playing so much stereotypical of opposition.

Before the war came home to tribal areas of Pakistan, they were shouting loud that there is no such creature called Taliban ever existed or exists today, and now they have taken a very strange stance by mumbling and whispering the same old concepts in the small groups or say modernized the preaching ideology of Taliban.

As an adhoc solution, the Government of Pakistan have shut down all educational institutions in Pakistan in fear of more attacks, but will they be ever opening? Will our youth now ever be able to go fearlessly to their institutes? I guess not. Nobody’s secure now, we host thousands of foreign students including Chinese, Syrians and Maldivians, all of them feeling very bad about our country now.iiu2 224x300 Pakistan: Youth Under Attack

At the time of writing this story, the Pakistani youth is already so confused and divided about the stance against Taliban because some of the raghead politicians are still insisting that the war on terror is not our countries war.

Even if it was not our war, now it is. The war is arrived home. We have to act now and realize that nobody else is coming to help us or save us. This is us, the youth of this country which is mover, shaker and arbitrator.

I beg to all those raghead politicians who are still trying to hijack the hearts and minds of the extreme-right groups by educating them with lies while ignoring our domestic problems to please for heavens sake keep your politics out of my beloved country, don’t sell us short on your political numbering games, let our forces fight fascist Taliban and please don’t nag them.

Lets hope we can give a change to this crowded nation. Ameen

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