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The Taliban,Pakistan and USA

Wednesday, 23 September 2009 | No Comment
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A recent incident which took place in Swat, Pakistan where a girl was flogged just for going some where with her Father in law ohh! what a pity!,what is happening in our dear home land the people responsible for this are world famous terrorists “The Taliban” but do we really know who are they ? does any anybody ever tried to figure out whose responsible for their birth?they are the ones who claimed responsibility of recent street firing in New york which clamied the lives of 13 people and 26 people got hurt . I know we have a habit Of forgetting the past very easily we only know what ever is happening in the present.


So let me take you a few decades back in the year of 1979 in the era when Russia was a very strong country decided to invade Afghanistan and so they did, USA which was another strong country become very worried that Afghanistan will soon be captured by USSR a land which is the key to enter a rich world of oils and different resources .


USA thought and made a strategy to use Pakistan to stop the USSR, and so Pakistan was aroused by the USA through supply of weapons, aids and all sorts of helps, in the mean while USA in Pakistan gave birth to Talibans,the Russia invasion in Afghanistan was dramatized as a holy war and Talibans being students of religious studies were aroused to go to the troubled land for the war,USA helped the Taliban grow strong by providing them strength by all means and interesting part is that Osama Bin Laden was the part of that movement and so the war began and ended in the way the USA wanted it Aghanistan was safe but not for good.


Why did USA stopped the Russains ?obviously not for the reason that the they are very peace loving country helping the poor, in this mean world who gives or helps others without any reason in my knowledge a very few and iam convinced that atleast USA is not amongst the few angles Iam talking about now I will give you few clues try to solve the puzzle and make a clear understanding of people responsible for bringing these recent  tragedies in the world since 9/11/2001.


*After the war of 1979 in Afghanistan where did the baby of USA “Taliban” go?

* Pakistan becomes nuclear power first Muslim country to hold such power.

* Pakistan alleged for nuclear proliferation which is helping other countries to develop WMD.

* USA was not happy penalized Pakistan by laying sanctions on it.

* Incident of 9/11/2001 where “Al-qaeda” was responsible, and to mention the most Osama Bin Laden is the one which Heads Al-qaeda

* Stories claming that Al-qaeda does not works alone but with Taliban

* Where are Taliban? In Pakistan

* Where are the hideouts of Al Qaeda and Taliban In Pakistan

* Stories related to Taliban are growing strong in Pakistan

* USA worried

* USA Attacks Afghanistan to kill the responsible i.e. Al-Qaeda and Taliban

* USA with Help of Pakistan captures Afghanistan

* In the mean time USA captures Iraq(which has many oil fields)

* Pakistan starts becoming target of Sucide attacks since USA captured Afghanistan

* America says that Pakistan is breeding terrorists

* USA after 7 years of capturing whole Afghanistan still unable to find “Osama Bin Ladin” and spear Head of Taliban “Bait Ullah Masuud”,according to my knowledge USA claims that they have satellites which could easily locate these people.

* Whenever any  incident happens in any part of the world these mentioned two men claims responsibility where ever it is.

* India for every incident ready to blame Pakistan though their own men are always found guilty by trying to give Pakistan a bad name

* Pakistan is doing every effort to get rid of the militants by sending their troops to the disturbed Northern portion

* USA still unsatisfied 

*USA starts drones attack on Pakistan the reason is that they are targeting hideouts of militants in reality they are killing innocent people which includes women and children.

* USA expands drone attacks in one more province of Pakistan saying that Talibans are growing strong in Baluchistan.

*USA  now eager to send troops to Pakistan to control the situation.


It is always been the strategy of the USA to use the people when they need them then dispose them off when they dont.


I think now one could easily make out why did USA never wanted Russia to capture Afghanistan.


Now after few observations and gathering fruitful information from daily papers and talk shows , the actual Scenario in Pakistan regarding the suicide attacks, bombings and killings is not known to the common men, India is very much involved in Afghanistan they(Afghanistan) have turned against Pakistan, secretly Afghan forces are entering Pakistan along with the RAW (Indian Intelligence) and are responsible for all the situation of massacres,India has always been against Pakistan sine partition and now they have the support of USA ,why is that? So that Pakistan would ask help of USA to send their troops in Pakistan or USA would by itself invade Pakistan for further invasion to Iran and so on.


How is that Pakistan is doing nothing when they know everything? Its because USA controls Pakistan in every aspect governments are made by the decision of Washington, governments are just the puppets of USA helping them to enter Pakistan.


This brief information in the article may help people understand the real scenario of Pakistan and its future.



The reason for sketching the Afghan war was to show that why USA invaded Afghistan and what are their targets and how they achieve them ,currently Pakistan is the target.

The above information may not be comprehensive but Iam sure it may open many secret windows  .


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