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An Article-proxy War From the Side of Pakistan

Wednesday, 23 September 2009 | No Comment
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Proxy war from the side of Pakistan ?

DalipSingh Wasan,Advodate.

We must know that when Indian attained independence, the Britishers tactfully accepted he demand of one person and created Pakistan one day earlier to the independence day of India that is Bharat and at the same time they gave independence to the states, which were about 600 in number to join either India or Pakistan or they were given liberty to continue as independent states i.e. countries. On this point Kashmir could not finally merge in India and Pakistan could take benefit of this pending decision of Maharaja of Kashmir and occupied some area of Kashmir and ousted or killed all the Hindus living there. This area is about one third of Kashmir and it was advancing ahead. When Maharaja of Kashmir, under forced circumstances, sought help from India and signed a document which had not been accepted as merger of Kashmir with India and our government of the time took the case to UNO where we lost rhe case and came back with three decisions of UNO. Those were that there should be immediate cease-fire inbetween India and Pakistan, there should be Plebiscite in whole of Kashmir so that the people of Kashmir could decide their own fate and the third decision of UNO was that Pakistan should leave the illegally occupied area of Kashmnir. Because of these decisions, we had to create Article 370 in our Constitution and since then the postion inbetween India and Pakistan has been lying pending. There had been no plebiscite, there is only a Line of Control and uptill now Pakistan did not vacate the occupied area because there was no provision made in the decisions of UNO for handing over the charge of those areas.

Pakistan had been the winner and they won in UNO because they played religion as the base of division of India and they claimed that 80 per cent people in Kashmir are Muslims and therefore, this area should come to Pakistan. Even this plebiscite goes in favour of Pakistan because if there had been plebiscite in Kashmir the people of Kashmir who were mostly Muslims could have voted in favour of Pakistan. India did not conduct plebiscite in Kashmir, not agreed to the same and taking benefit of this point, Pakistan did not leave the area occupied by it in a most illegal manner.

As far as India is concerned, it simply did not conducted plebiscitre in Kashmir, but Pakistan had been alive and it is on record that Pakistan could establish some units consisting of Muslims who are active there for separating Kashmir from India and they are also working at the instance of Pakistan. When some trained people are sent from the side of Pakistan, these units are giving them shelter, arms, ammunitions, local information, helping in getting boarding and lodging and even men are supplied these people coming from Pakistan side.

Pakistan initiated war of 1965. Pakistan failed and in 1971-72 Pakistan had to lose a part and it turned a new country in the name and style ‘Bangladesh’. At least 1,00.000 military personnel were taken as prisoner in India and they had been with India for somany months. Pakistan had to beg pardon and could get release of these people and because of these defeats, Pakistan turned enmy number one against India. It started its activities and we have noted that Pakistan could instigate a section of the Sikhs for the creation of ‘Khalistan’. In this internal war at least 1,00,000 people were killed and properties worth crore of rupees were either destroyed or looted and the Sikhs who had been holding a prestigeous status in India since independence lost all and since they could not get the same status which they could have establish because of their sacrifices and contributions in war of independence,in establishing this country, in the fields of agriculture, industry, defence, but this tact of Pakistan failed and the section of the Sikhs which initiated this war of independence failed and they brought defame to the whole of

Sikh Community. When Pakistan could understand that it would not be able to establish ‘Khalistan’ it left Punjab and shifted its activities to Kashmir where it had its outfits and now it is active in Kashmir and with his base it is heading towards other parts of India where it is finding its people who could work like those lunits of Kashmir and provide shelder, local information, men, ammunition, money and hiding places after the action and under this new project the whole of India had come under terror and even our Prime Minister has declared such situations.

When we complain against Pakistan, it is coming forward that it is not doing anything against India. Some people are fighting their own wars of independence and India must face their internal disturbances itself and should not raise objections against Pakistan. And it is on record that people of the world are accepting the declaration of Pakistan and they are also keeping silence and are not telling Pakistan to stop terrorism against India.

Pakistan consists of Muslims who had been ruling this country for centures and they had been converting Hindus by force and they had been demolishing worshiping places of Hindus and on those places they had been constructing their own Masjads and all it had been done just to demoralise the Hindu Community and when they had been rulers, they are not tolerating all thse supermacies of Hindus. Pakistan lost two direct wars and one big part also separated and they want to take revenge from India. When they lost in direct wars, they took up the method of ‘Indirect War’ and if we conduct an estimate, Pakistan could get revenge from India through these terrorist activities. The loss of Pakistan was not bigger than our losses in these terrorists activities.

Therefore, time has come when we should think over this matter and we should try to understand the psychology of Pakistan. Pakistan knows that it would not be successful in its designs and goals, but at the same time it would not stop playing mischieves with India in which we the people of India shall suffer and Pakistan would not gain anything. We should understand this psychology of Pakistan and we must try to come out with ways and means through which we could stop Pakistan from doing these activities. First of all we should take back the occupied area of Kashmir from Pakistan and if need be we should apply force and then we should write of provisions of Article 370 of our Constitution and at the same time we should locate all those units which are helping the terroriusts coming from the side of Pakistan and if need be in those areas none should be allowed to keep their guests in their own houses should be given separate guest houses. This operation should be started immediately without any further loss of time because these units are spreading throughout in India and places like Mumbai are also not safe. We are telling Pakistan that its people are functioning against India and Pakistan is clearly saying that it would note down the complaints of India, but would not hand over those people for trial in India. We must understand the psychology of Pakistan and we should be active on this line and we should not allow Pakistan to continue with this mischief. Pakistan is happy that India could not stop its mischief and their people are spreading panic throughout in India.

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