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PPP supported organized crime

Sunday, 13 September 2009 | 3 Comments
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By Ahmed Hashmi

Going back to the early days of Pakistan and one of those who did biggest sacrifices and hard work for the post-foundation of Pakistan, we find a name of Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto shaheed. This is needless to mention that what did this guy do for our nation, starting from the nuclear program inception to the unity of the Arab world and so on, the list continues.

Now the problem with our nation is that we just give too much unnecessary respect sometimes, and don’t measure indices attached with a person. The example of above is the same, the nation hold a lot of respect for Mr. Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto, which is now, after decades of his death, is en-cashed by his so called family-inheritance, including our be-lowed Janab Izzat Ma’ab Ali Ali Zardari Sahib.ggv PPP supported organized crime

The countrymen votes only for few of those sacred ones, peers, feudals and waderas, which are maybe born to rule the innocent countrymen of my land. Pretty much shame for me that this will go for a good few next decades until those people get educated and the trend is changed.

Needless to mention, the lust of power has a primary object of making money, either via the contract sponsoring scandals, selling jobs or party-sponsored organized crimes.3 PPP supported organized crime

The example of the same came to light a month back when the head of an organized crime gang was killed in a police raid naming Abdul Rehman Baloch aka REHMAN DAKAIT. The gang head belonged to a suburb slum of Karachi, named Liyari having mostly Baloch decedent population (once again needless to mention that Baloch have been kept deprived of better education, health and fair share in the Federal representation – having only ONE additional secretary from Balochistan province in the whole bureaucracy of Islamabad.)

Rehman Dakait had no formal belonging with Pakistan People’s Party but have always been used as a “guide” to all PPP activities in Karachi, including Benazir’s safe escape. What is famous is that after the blast at Karsaz Rd/Shahrae Faisal intersection on the night when Benazir Bhutto arrived in Karachi, Rehman Dakait took the driving seat of a bullet proof Toyota Land Cruiser (Registration Number BE-8899) and rolled the bodies of the deads and injured under the wheels of his truck and succeeded in safely escaping Benazir Bhutto to her residence Bilawal House in Clifton Karachi – after a record 7 minutes of electric driving via Baloch Colony Bridge)1 PPP supported organized crime

After the death of the Benazir Bhutto, when the then co-chairman of PPP Mr. Asif Ali Zardari visited MQM’s headquarter Ninezero (9-0), Rehman Dakait was there again – this time escorting Asif Ali Zardari.

After receiving the photographs from one of my sources, this is to my shock that the person responsible for the security of the province of Sindh, Dr. Zulfiqar Mirza – the Provincial Interior Minister or Home Minister (also in-charge of the Prisons), have close connection with the gang criminal Rehman Dakait and seems very proud in posing with a declared criminal.

What kind of society we’re living in? What kind of people are ruling and declaring our fate? Truly this is shame on all of us and shame on our whole nation!4 PPP supported organized crime

The second shining personality in the picture is no other than Mr. President’s best “bad-times” friend, Agha Siraj Khan Durrani, Minister for Local Government – who Pakistan People’s Party imposed in the province of Sindh in order to save the province from catching the “disease” of development and progress being spread by one of the most respected personality of Pakistan, Syed Mustafa Kamal.

After finding these facts and looking at these pictures, I wish I could bury myself under tons of sand because the future I am looking for my beloved nation is not very good – and this can only be changed if we can somehow kick these goons out of the politics of our country – of which I am very less optimistic but still have a small hope. PPP supported organized crime

If we go back a while and look at the gang wars which was going on for a while, which also resulted in deaths of more than 700 innocent people of the Lyari neighborhood, we find that this criminal master mind behind all the activities always had all the political support he wanted, used for extortion, bhatta khori, supplying of drugs, vehicle snatching – and after all getting released from the prison without any bail or even being presented in front of a Judge. PPP supported organized crime

Pakistan People’s Party is the biggest party in Pakistan – and the biggest one who always been chanting out loud for the need of democracy – a democracy in which they can rule the innocent people – who they deliberately kept lunar-years away from education – and can decide their fate.

This is all shameful, is’nt it?

We need a change.. NOW!

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  • Noman Rasool said:

    Ahmed sahib this is very shameful that the sitting government is taking help of the drug and crime mafia to control the city which produces 70% of the revenue for the country.

    PPP already controls all the ministries thus producing millions of dollars for their back channel badmashi and that’s why u.s. is never going to trust these democracy chanting dictators who ruled the hearts and minds of innocent pakistanis just because they are not educated.

    We definitely need a changed Pakistan in which all these culprits are shown exit doors. Thanks for great work

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