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PML-N responsible for crime against humanity

Monday, 24 August 2009 | 5 Comments
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By Ahmed Hashmi

Adolf Hitler will always be known in the history of mankind as being the most racial and barbaric dictator on the basis of ethnic and religious affiliations. The world soon realized the agenda of Nazi German forces – two days after invasion of Poland (on September 3rd 1939), resulting in formation of allies between United Kingdom and France, declaring war on Nazi Germany.

In the year 1992, the same story was repeated here in our country Pakistan, with different set of personalities involved and on different racial/political grounds.

Yesterday night ex Director General of Intelligence Bureau (IB – which is classed as the top civilian intelligence setup of our country), Brigadier (R) Imtiaz appeared on a talk show named “Sawal Yeh Hai” (the question is that) hosted by Dr. Danish, on ARY OneWorld TV channel unleashing so far un-told history.

I am not sure if Brig (R) Imtiaz himself committed crime by revealing intelligence operations from the sad history of this country, but ones eye’s cant stop tears after listening to what has been done on this part of the planet back in early 90s.

The other guest in the program was Syed Haider Abbas Rizvi of Muttahida Quami Movement (MQM) who is termed as the deputy parliamentary leader of the party as well.

Revealing a lot of yet untold details from the history along with an operation by Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) to unearth plans of Central Intelligence Agency (CIA of USA) trying to plant technicians in the nuclear installations of the country.

The Khar Legacy

One of the stories he tell is that Ghulam Mustafa Khar was staying in London in self-exile staying in the apartment of Seth Abid, where he was approached by Joshi, a senior officer of Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) of India, creating a joint plan that when there will be Corps Commander conference going on in the Rawalpindi, Pakistan, they will explode the building with explosives, killing all the senior military leadership of Pakistan. According to Birg (R) Imtiaz, Mustafa Khar was the central role player of the plan and RAW was cooperating with him, and he even met with Indra Ghandi, the then Prime Minister of India – who formally approved the operation. On the other hand Seth Abid met General Zia and informed him that Mustafa Khar have some dirty plans against the country.

He says that Seth Abid was then planted as the Pakistani agent and used to communicate with Mustafa Khar from the ISI office – answering to a question if this is a true-tale, Brig (R) Imtiaz also revealed that all the conversations of the plan between Seth Abid and Mustafa Khar are still on record and are saved at Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) at this time. Then he tells how the plan was busted with the help of Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) agents. When Mustafa Khar was phoned on the program by the host, he clearly rejected the allegations and asked that another program should be hosted and he be invited to take his views rather than on phone, to which Dr. Danish agreed.

Mass murders in 1992 Operation

After seeking a confirmation that he have experience of more than 11 years of service in Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI), Dr. Danish asked Brig (R) Imtiaz about another conspiracy of 1992 Operation against the Muttahida Quami Movement (MQM), when Lt Gen Naseer Akhtar was Corps Commander of 10 Corps (Karachi) and Lt. Gen Asif Janjua was the Chief of Army Staff. 0830 nawaz sharif1 PML N responsible for crime against humanity

The then Prime Minsiter, Nawaz Sharif was not sought any permission about this operation says Brig (R) Imtiaz, and says that the operation was started without the permission of Mr. Nawaz Sharif. He confirms that this is definite that when this operation began, MQM raised her voice against the operation & the international community shown concern over this operation, Mr Nawaz Sharif called on Lt Gen Asif Janjua, the then Chief of Army staff, to discuss the issue to which the then Prime Minister, Mr. Nawaz Sharif instructed to continue the operation!

Dr. Danish then questions the political innocence of Mr. Nawaz Sharif, as he is famous for his deliberate ignorance including the Kargil war, as why he did not ask this operation to be stopped which was started and continued in his government.

Dr. Danish then takes Lt. Gen (R) Naseer Akhtar on phone and questions him that if he did seek permission from the then Prime Minister, Nawaz Sharif to conduct the operation to kill 15000 workers of MQM to which he confirmed that the permission was sought in proper chain of command and Mr. Nawaz Sharif was present in the Pano Aqil Cantonment during all the conferences where the 1992 Operation was discussed along with Chief Of Army Staff and President Ghulam Ishaq Khan – and gave permission to conduct this genocide!

Then he asks ex-corps commander about the Jinnahpur map discovered from Karachi, to which he said that this was very disappointing, there were never any of such map discovered, and it was withdrawn just after two days and he declines twice on the phone line that even while being Corps Commander of Karachi, he was completely unaware of the Jinnahpur map – this to be noted here that Lt Gen (R) Naseer Akhtar is known as responsible and mastermind of the 1992 Karachi operation.

Coming back to Brig (R) Imtiaz, Dr. Danish questions that according to the ex-corps commander, Lt Gen (R) Naseer Akhtar – the prime minister, Nawaz Sharif and Chief of Army Staff, Lt. Gen (R) Asif Janjua was completely in loop of the operation – Brig (R) Imtiaz once again decline that prime minister Nawaz Shareef was completely unaware of the illegal operation against MQM, but agreed that he ordered to continue operation.

Then he comes back to Jinnahpur saga and asks Brig (R) Imtiaz that being the then DG Intelligence Bureau to tell that from which office of Muttahida Quami Movement (MQM) the so called map of Jinnahpur was discovered? Answering to which he says that I investigated this whole issue for seven days and at the end concluded that this Jinnahpur map was a complete drama and conspiracy against Muttahida Quami Movement (MQM) and there were absolutely no maps discovered from the offices of MQM.

Brig (R) Imtiaz asks that Lt. Gen (R) Naseer Akhtar was the Corps Commander of the 10 Corp during that time then how this is possible that he was completely unaware of the Jinnahpur map? How this become possible that those maps were published? Who passed it to the press resulting in the headlines of all the newspapers on the next day? Including the headline of the JANG newspaper published in the London. This is bloody nonsense.

Breaking in tears, Haider Abbas Rizvi says that this is a big day of his life, it reminds him of his 15000 party workers killed in this operation, the way his party and the leader Altaf Hussain was accused of being agents of Research & Analysis Wing (RAW – INDIA). The way the patriotism of his party was challenged. He also requests Brig (R) Imtiaz to please swear upon Allah to tell everyone about those torture cells of MQM were ever existed?

Haider Abbas Rizvi says that during the operation, women workers of MQM, including mothers and sisters were rotten under horses by Police and the Army during the operation, he thanked Lt. Gen (R) Naseer Akhtar of telling and accepting the truth today after 17 years.

Dr. Danish when asking another question, Haider Rizvi insisted Dr. Danish to please ask Brig (R) Imtiaz if those torture cell of MQM ever existed to which Dr. Danish said that as this is now clear that Jinnahpur map was a propaganda against MQM and was fake, it is needless to question that MQM operated any torture cell anywhere.

Finally, In My Opinion

In my humble opinion, this is one of the biggest blunder in the history of our beloved country that a political party was convicted of false crimes and an illegal operation was raged on them resulting in the deaths of 15000 workers, including infants, children and women.

Out of whole of this episode of the Dr. Danish’s talk show, one thing we can easily conclude that this operation was started or at least continued with the will of the then Prime Minister, Mr. Nawaz Sharif of Pakistan Muslim League (PML-N, Nawaz Group) – which is indeed a symbol of shame for everyone being citizen of this country.

Those who have lived in the city of Karachi during 1992-1999 are well aware of how this operation was conducted, how members of an specific political party (MQM) was killed under the blame of claiming of a separate state, which is all now termed as false.

Since now this fact is revealed and the 1992 operation unearthed, Mr. Nawaz Sharif and his party PML-N, proud owner of sugar mills, flour mills, rice mills, members of the elite class, the lions of the Punjab, should be ashamed of conducting such serious crimes and mass murder and in my humble opinion must be tried in the international criminal court under sections of crimes against humanity.

Now I ask where is Mr. Chief Justice, Justice Chaudhary Iftikhar Hussain? I hope he have seen the yesterday’s episode of Dr. Danish’s program or at least have read the newspapers? Will he take suo-moto action now? Or his sou-moto actions are only bound to be for one of those blessed ones where there is a vested interest.

By the way, 15000 (or lets say 1500?) illegal murders is not a joke! We need to take some serious actions against those responsible now – in order to avoid any genocide in future in our country, and in my humble opinion the list starts with 1. PML-N Leader Mr. Nawaz Sharif, 2. The then Chief of Army Staff, Lt. Gen (R) Asif Janjua, 3. The then Coprs Commander of 10 Core (Karachi), Lt. Gen (R) Naseer Akhtar, and so on.

Let us have a Change!

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  • Mahar said:

    **** khar, **** politicians. **** Nawaz. Long Live PAkistan

    Khar shoud be given an iron rod in *** ***, and 4000 watts current shud be passed from is body. ***** ******* son ** * *****

  • BhatkaRahi said:

    Gen.Naseer Akhtar is a corrupt murderer and Nawaz Sharif’s direct crony. Asif Nawaz Janjua was also a Punjabi feudal-class person who hated Karachiites but he had certain morals and principles. The real bloodshed in Karachi was at the hands of Nawaz Sharif and Naseer Akhtar. It is unfair to absolve Nazawz Sharif of his role in the genocied in Karachi. As far as it goes even Brigadier Imtiaz Billa who gavce the interview is not innocent. He is the one who was looking after MQM-Haqiqi at the start of the operation. The Jinnahpur maps were a joint production between him, Naseer Akhtar and a Brigadier called Asif Haroon who was transferred to Punjab afer two days. We must remember that the Army did not just start the operation in Karachi. Instead the Army first brought Haqiqi terrorists in their trucks and tanks and pretended that there was going to be a war between the two groups which is how Naseer Akhtar occupied Karachi.

    The problem is that in Pakistan, just like the separation of East Pakistan in 1971, there is an international version of history and then there is a Punjabi version. The Punjabi version exonerates Punjabis of all wrongdoing. Therefore Mian Nawaz Sharif is innocent of the Kargil operation of 1999, of the murder of Hakim Saeed in 1997, of resigning after being restored by the supreme court under pressure from only a bureaucrat like Ghulam Ishaq Khan in 1993, of the Karachi operation etc. How long is this rubbish going to go on? Mian Nawaz Sharif should be put on trial for his crimes and mistakes.

  • Fatima said:

    Absolutely shocking!!PML-N should have its head bowed in shame.The entire episode exposes the preponderance of ethnicity in our political culture.Fettered in ethnic bonds,will we ever be able to think in terms of national interest?Let me make one thing clear,our politicians(be it,PML-N or MQM)have long used ethnic affinity to rally public support and gain political power.And the people have played into their hands by flocking around political parties on ethnis basis.One cant help thinking that this sensational revelation about an operation that dates back almost 2 decades MUST have a political underbelly.Why else did it take the man so long to come forward and speak?!!

  • Azhar said:

    All these politcians are mean and have no intrest in poor people.

  • zubair said:

    Seith abid is a one of the versatile personalty who get nuclear material from abroad. Whole world know he is smuggler but as a pakistani he do it so much for pakistan nuclear program. No one can match with seith abid. He is my ideal. May Allah bless him, ameen.

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