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Lets start Ramadan with a fight?

Friday, 21 August 2009 | No Comment
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By Ahmed Hashmiramadan moon mosque 41 Lets start Ramadan with a fight?

As our holy month of Ramadan is about to begin, the movli’s sect are greasing their armory in order to prepare for a possible moon sighting clash they will be having on top of the MCB Plaza Karachi, the earth observatory lab in Quetta or those press conference tables which have clerics seated like display effigies in suites while showing their pride by number of calls of moon-sighting witnesses received.

Have a look at this video.

Rather fun, this is a height of shame-less-being we are. Were do we stand? We got independence a lot of years back, but still we are absolutely not aware of the real meaning of independence which brings unity amongst all the citizens.

We are about to being the holy month of Ramadan with a fight! – and will end it with a fight on Eid’s moon sighting. We are definitely one of those bad bad citizens.

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