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The ‘Ayyashi’ of the ‘Kitchen Cabinet’

Sunday, 28 June 2009 | No Comment
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By Ahmed Hashmi

The story tells how the government is recklessly abusing with the taxpayer’s money by wasting it on the young freshwill of a great-grand child of an elected members of the assembly.610x11 300x221 The Ayyashi of the Kitchen Cabinet

These so called and wanna-be’s democratic governments have yet again proved that they are the best guardians of the public money, which in result, is leeched money by imposing direct taxes on the cow-like-innocent citizens of Pakistan by introducing ever increasing taxes on items of daily usage such as tea, cold drinks, sugar and fuel.

The 125 vehicles’ fleet of above 2000CC cars approved by the federal cabinet in the budget 2009-2010 is not for any other reason but to reward the special members of the governments ‘kitchen cabinet’ and those special ‘loved ones’ which are elected members of the house, in opposition, and are in agreement to always second the government’s policy by keeping a dead man’s eye.

Following is a story which came into surface when ‘Dost’ service (similar to iReport of CNN) of Geo News received a video footage captured using mobile phone by a person having only his first name Rizwan.

The video contains footage of a 2000CC Toyota Corolla car owned by an MNA of Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam (JUI) Pakistan, being recklessly drift, spinned and shacked on the expense of the tax payers of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

This is a symbol of shame for not just the religious Islamic party that is, but for also the members of the general public who voted them on the name of religion not knowing that the religion of Islam ask about the strict accountability of the leaders. At this time we really need a change and a revolution to enlighten the citizens of Pakistan. This is very sad that on the next very elections, those who voted this specific member of the national assembly will vote for him again, knowing what he did last time. If we want to save this country, we have to get rid of these stereotypes and hypocrites who on the floor of assembly bash and lash other politicians on the name corruption while in their homes, their distant relatives do ‘Ayyashi’ on the lucrative benefits of the assembly members.

More interestingly, the whereabouts of the Mr. Chief Justice is now unknown. The political parties who where backing him during the long march are now backed down themselves (or came under the influence of the long arm of law?) after fulfillment of their own vested agenda (God knows what was it?). This is needless to mention and remind here that both the existing parties (to be precise PPP and PML-N) in power at this time in my beloved country have a history of corruption (YouTube has a huge reference material).

Now the question remains that why not the Mr. Chief Justice is taking a suo moto action on:

1. The corruption of tax payers money

2. The secret hands behind leeching money from the KESC

3. The corruption in IDPs SWAT funds

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