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Imran’s Patriotism is for Pakistan or Taliban?

Monday, 15 June 2009 | 4 Comments
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By Suhail Akhtar

While seated bored at home, I was exploring, reading some of the recent articles; in one of the published piece, my sinful eyes found something which was very perplexing for me to read. It was the warning of Imran Khan, published in Times Online of UK, in which he exposed his utter sympathy with Taliban yet opposing the military operation against them.imran lead wideweb  470x3290 Imran’s Patriotism is for Pakistan or Taliban?

Imran Khan the nuisancer, talks sheer nonsense and is blind to see the barbaric, cruel, and inhuman activities of Taliban, who are persistently trying to destabilize and destroy Pakistan’s image by their boorish acts.

Since, a great step taken by our army of fighting and eliminating these hypocrites of Islam, which is unbearable for Imran Khan to watch, and again Imran in his belligerent style, opposes the collective decision of our government and other political parties who support this war against extremist elements.

Imran’s insufficient supporters (who, I’m very much sure are with him to gain political mileage, political name) should remind and make him aware of those past and these current suicidal attacks conducted by Taliban in the region of Pakistan, which apparently portrays a bad image of Muslim and our nation.

Imran Khan on his trip to London for visiting his ex-wife Jemima and his two sons Sulaiman Isa (born 1996) and Kasim (born 1999), said “Pakistan’s military offensive against the Taliban will backfire and fuel more extremism and bomb attacks”. I don’t understand the purpose and hatred of Imran Khan, for putting such allegations and opposing Pakistan current government and army for this ongoing operation. Aforementioned, statement by Imran Khan shows his total support and backing for Taliban in conducting more attacks in Pakistan. Giving such statements confirms him as being a pro-Taliban which he always bluffs of not being one.

Imran Khan has always been seen giving such statements previously, like one of his statement was:

RAWALPINDI, March 7: Pakistan Tehrik-i-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan has stressed the need for soft revolution in the shape of independent judiciary and rule of law and warned if failing to do so a bloody revolution will take place in the form of Taliban taking over the administrative affairs.

Khan’s height of hypocrisy and cruelty against his own people of Pakistan is seen when he actually condemns this recent assassination of our renowned religious scholar Allama Sarfaraz Naeemi by the hands of Taliban, but is still not in favor of the military operation against these enemies of Islam.

In my opinion, Imran Khan should now stop giving such balderdash statements which are against the solidarity of our people and Pakistan, and therefore should act and say things which support Pakistani army, as they are in between the battle with Taliban and are about to defeat and terminate Taliban from their roots.

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  • tahir said:

    Imran Khan is a complete misfit for a society which is selfish,corrupt,westernized,respects feudals and doesn’t allow IDPs to move to any other parts of pakistan as if they are not pakistanis.
    We were bound to have civil war in this coutry.Once I had a talk with two of my friends about a drama telecsted on PTV.One of them termed the drama as ‘enlightenment’ and the one termed it as ‘vulgar’.I don’t wonder when people having islamic name turned out to be igonorant about Islam.It is as if they seem to be more non Muslim less Muslim.

    Why the people of pakistan so called Muslims don’t ask for implementation of Islamic laws about theft,rape etc in the scoiety?

    We still have to prove we are pakistanis and Muslims.Imran Khan was the first one to prove that he is pakistani and a great Muslim by never getting any favour which majority of the people in Pakistan are enjoying.Had Imran eaten any ‘haram ka luqma’,he would have like majority of pakistanis.

  • osman said:

    i agree with comments of tahir but one thing i have noticed in past is dat imran khan have been giving so contradicting statements again and again and its really difficult to trust him once for all. pak’s politics is diff to handle in current situations and i am not sure if imran khan wud be able to handle the clutter the way he’s optimistic

  • Rahim Chandio said:

    Being a Sportsmen i think he can be declared hero ! but as politicians i dont think so he is fit for it.

  • salahuddin mirza said:

    well as a young pakistani i need a hope,hope that some body out of box will take us to the point for which our Quaid struglled. teachinf of GREAT Iqbal can guide us if we seriously think at it. I think nation shud cum out of scenario where some particular families are rulling us looting us, have their asscets outside Great Pakistan. keep in mind that we pakistani are capable of doing very difficult things very easy, our neuclear capabilities are best example for this. More over we are full of resources we have oil and gase reserves, coal reserves, we have sea ports, wat is missing in us, THE LOVE FOR THE COUNTRY. no one think of the country as mother. in this scenario of hopeless i think we have seen zardari looting his mother (Pakistan), PPP is just running after Bhutto family, yes Bhuttu himself was exception but it doesn’t mean that his son, daughter or his grandson and grandaughter will be of same capabilities as he was. we have many people like Bhuttu, but the need is to see beyond the wall. Nawaz Sharif is not that much sharpe to hold nation together,we need an Iron democratic person who has given Pakistan something, Like Dr. Qadir. one more thing u give wealth, power, to a person who is illitrate will harm either himself or the nation. our present politician are either illitrate or son or daughter of fudel lords, who already have destroyed us. Get rid of these illitrate society, youngsters cum forwared its your country, your fathers, grandfathers has done bad job, you have to perform their job as well as yours. its our duty to cum at capture the stage, our mother land is looking for us.

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